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Web Development Course in Pakistan

Web Development Course by Sharafat Exchangers


Sharafat Exchangers introduces an enriching Web Development course aimed at individuals aspiring to become proficient in creating dynamic and responsive websites. This comprehensive program equips participants with essential skills in front-end and back-end development, enabling them to pursue careers as professional web developers.

Course Structure
Module Topics Covered Duration
1. Front-End Development HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design 3 months
2. Back-End Development Node.js, Express.js, Database Integration 4 months
3. Full-Stack Development Integration of Front-End and Back-End, Deployment 3 months

Advanced Modules

Participants will advance their skills in specialized areas such as Web Application Security and Performance Optimization. These modules focus on ensuring robust, secure, and efficient web applications that meet industry standards and user expectations.

Advanced Modules Details
Module Topics Covered Duration
4. Web Application Security Common threats, Secure coding practices 2 months
5. Performance Optimization Code optimization, Load testing 3 months

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a recognized certification, validating their proficiency in web development and enhancing their career opportunities in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Enrollment and Contact Information

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